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questioning_lds's Journal

Are Mormons Christians?
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This community is to discuss the validity of the Mormon church (any Mormon sect) as a Christian religion. The name The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints may have the words "Jesus Christ" in it, but does that make it a Christian religion? This community is to discuss the LDS claims to be a Christian religion.

Participants are welcome to criticize, question, or defend Mormonism.

If you would like to discuss Christianity, you may email me privately at the address below, or we can talk about it in comments.

Rules so far are:

1. Be polite.
2. Anonymous comments will be deleted without some kind of identification...like "Mike" etc.
3. You must be a friend of the community to post comments.
4. Do not disallow comments in posts. All such posts will be deleted.
5. If you reference a chapter and verse from any text, you must copy/paste it in it's entirety as a courtesy to others. A link directly to the information is acceptable.
6. If you delete comments from threads, you will be banned.

If you have any complaints, send me an email at miraclelove@gmail.com complete with links to threads.

Here's some links.
Gerald and Sandra Tanner, former LDS members
Ed Decker, an "Apologetics" group, evangelical in nature and generates research and study material, comparing cult groups with orthodox Christianity.
See over 200 stories of exmormons and more
Tapestry Against Polygamy, a National Organization For Women
Your source of information on institutional child abuse
The Mormonism Ministry Research Homepage

About the maintainer: I make no claim to be "neutral" or "unbiased," but I do think it's important that every member of this community is not only allowed to, but expected to, if they say anything, be honest about their beliefs and tell why they believe the way they do. That's what makes this a discussion community. Make your best argument and back it up with sources and/or scripture. Be kind to each other, assuming nothing, and have a good time. It's ridiculous to think I started this community without my own opinion, but I respect the fact that not everyone has had the same exposure in life, and this is a place we can talk it all out.

I also maintain communities sacred_opinion and kingdom_seeking. Feel free to join either of those, but please read the info. I maitain a newer community we_heart_exmos... ex-Mormons and Christians only, please.

h1s_songb1rd ~ Maintainer
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